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The Accord School campus environment is designed for learning, personality development and has all the facilities to cater to an internationally designed curriculum.

Highlights of the campus:

Classroom: Spaciously designed to seat 25 students, and equipped with play areas for pre-school, projection systems, computer facilities and lockers.

Amphitheatre: A well-equipped amphitheatre with a seating capacity of over 800 to handle all school events.

ICT Infrastructure: The school seamlessly integrates offline and online learning, and provides access to information through a well-stocked learning resource centre (library), and digital hook-ups with Internet and online libraries. In addition to computer labs, computers are available in all classrooms, library, hostel and staff rooms for teachers. The entire campus has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sports: Sports help build a student’s character, self-confidence, team spirit and physical fitness. At Accord School, sporting facilities have been planned with exacting attention to details.

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