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Clubs & Committees

We at Accord School focus on a child’s all round development – Physical, mental and cognitive abilities. We offer the following clubs & Committees for the holistic development of students.

Student Clubs
  • Maths Pirates – For deep Maths and Competitive exams
  • Mad Scientists – For deep Science and Competitive exams
  • Shutter Bugs – Photography & Movie Making Club
  • Techies – The ICT Club (MS Office, Animation Courses)
  • Rolling Stones – Debates/ Discussions Club/ Social Issues/ Politics/ Model Parliament
  • The Mighty Pens – Creative writing & literary club
  • Ice Breakers – Public Speaking/ English Language Club
  • Trailblazers – Life skills/Soft skills Club/ Financial Literacy
  • Buzzing Bess – The handwriting club
  • Artmaniacs – Art Club
  • Mavericks – Music Club
  • Silver Stars – Dance & Dramatics Club
Student Committees

Studies show that early experiences in life impact adult leadership potential. In order to provide such experiences, the following committees are formed which will be managed by students itself.

  • Academic Committee – to be the formal channel of communication between the students and the faculty on all academic matters and Managing the Student Code of Conduct with respect to academics
  • Sports Committee – to ensure the procurement, availability and maintenance of various Sports facilities including equipment and infrastructure and organizing all sports related events
  • Student Facilities Committee – to provide an interface between the student community and the administrative authorities for Mess, Transport and Hostel related issues
  • Events Committee – to organize all types of events
  • Discipline Committee – To create a liberal but disciplined atmosphere for the whole-person development of students.
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